Education Initiatives

We believe that our industry will be shaped tomorrow by the bright students we support in our communities today. ExxonMobil Pipeline Company encourages learning through programs like STEM, scholarships, environmental conservation and more.

STEM camp students

STEM Camp Scholarships

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is proud to support Rice University’s STEM initiatives through scholarships for two students to attend Say STEM Camp and three educators to attend the Project-Based-Learning Professional Development Camp.

Additionally, if others have the funds to sponsor additional participants (either students or educators) at $1,300 per person, ExxonMobil will provide a matching scholarship for an equal number of participants up to 10 campers. Students should be rising 8th-12th graders, and we especially encourage you to send 11th graders who are in the top 3 of their class to our Top 3 program. Educators can be anywhere from K-12 and can be STEM or non-STEM.

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ExxonMobil Baton Rouge employee teaching students as part of the Lands for Learning initiative

Creating An Environment of Education

In partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is working to educate the greater Baton Rouge area youth about environmental conservation. Tara Bazille, a Baton Rouge Refinery employee and volunteer, helps lead tours and events at the wildlife refuge as part of the Lands for Learning initiative. From understanding the health of an ecosystem to planting more than 100 trees every year, the program is inspiring younger generations to find environmental solutions for the future. Read more about environmental education in the greater Baton Rouge area.

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200+ educators

300 student participants

Educating Hundreds

In four years, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company has helped Rice University share STEM practices with 200+ educators and 300+ student participants.