About Our Work

Our work in greater Baton Rouge will be conducted in a manner that prioritizes safety, respects the environment and recognizes the interests of our neighbors.

Pipeline Investments in Greater Baton Rouge

Our investments in pipeline maintenance work in Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Iberville and West Baton Rouge have totaled more than $500 million. Started in Fall 2020, we worked to reinforce and enhance the safety and reliability of our pipeline operations while minimizing disruptions to our customers, neighbors and the environment. Safety is our core value throughout all stages of work, and we are committed to the safe and responsible operation of all of our pipelines and facilities.

Committed to the Community

We appreciate the patience of the community as we work toward a goal that will benefit the entire region with new jobs and economic growth. We strive for transparency with property owners and community members.

We also like to give back to the communities where we operate in ways that reflect our company values: through grants to community institutions, supporting STEM education opportunities and sponsoring safety initiatives.

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STEM camp students

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly using the link below or calling our project representative.

Michael Smith, Public & Stakeholder Engagement Lead

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